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Goodbye Terrible Teeth

on April 11, 2012

I wonder how much dental implants cost? I have been annoyed with my front teeth and would want to get them fixed. I have been carrying the worst front teeth for so many years now. At the same time, I have also had to deal with the bullying that others do.

I am tired of being called a rabbit by my schoolmates. I understand that my teeth will no longer be replaced naturally once they are removed. Well, these are already permanent teeth. I am planning to get a dental implant to replace my teeth with artificial ones. Perhaps, I would look even better with smaller front teeth.

I have a picture made from my own photograph. I had the teeth drawn differently and smaller. Indeed, I look more beautiful. Possibly, I would have more friends once my teeth look better. Perhaps, I would then have more guys who will court me. These are just my presumptions. Soon, I would be able to find out how the dental implants will fit me. Then, I would be able to conclude that ugly ducklings are really beautiful swans in the end.


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